Who says you can't have fun while making a difference?

Voluntourism in NepalMamata Volunteers has a reputation in Nepal as one of the best Volunteer Programs available. It is because of this reputation that we have forged connections with many travel or trekking agencies throughout the region, agencies that strongly support our struggle to help those in need. These agencies, in an effort to support volunteers coming to the region, offer Mamata Volunteers exclusive discounts to travel or trekking throughout Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan before or after volunteer service is completed.

Volunteers can choose to:
Trek to Everest Base camp
Tour India and visit the legendary Taj Mahal
See the untouched splendor of Bhutan
Visit the isolated and stunning Tibet
Take a jungle safari on elephant through Nepal's famous Chitwan National Park
Or any countless other options


Please Note: As a Non-Profit Organization Mamata does not personally offer these services, but can assist as the intermediary between you and local travel agencies who offer special discounted rates exclusively to Mamata Volunteers.