Why Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer work is a way for you to do incredible things in another country and truly experience different culture.

Volunteering in Nepal, give you a unique opportunity to make a real contribution to Nepali society, while simultaneously experiencing the rich culture of Nepal.
Although Nepal is small country but it is diverse geographically as well as ethnically. You will find rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples and monuments as well as fast flowing ricers and tropical jungles, making your volunteering trip an unforgettable one.
You can start the volunteer program in Nepal on any date of your choice throughout the year. The program is from 2 weeks up to 20 weeks. You need to fly into the airport of Katmandu where you will be picked up from the airport. The first 3 days of your program will consist of a training program combined with sightseeing in Kathmandu.

You will get the opportunity to learn the Nepali Language, live with a unique people and experience a lifestyle vastly different than your own. Volunteering is a reciprocal process that benefits both you and your placement. By volunteering with Mamata you are creating a cultural interchange that will no doubt expand the hoirzons and understandings of all that are involved.

Why Choose Nepal?

Nepal is a small country with huge cultural diversity and landscape. Nepali people are known as the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. Being a volunteer you will become part of a cause which desperately needs your support and will also become a lifelong member of the Mamata family. We will make you feel that "you are at home, away from home". Nepal is often called a mountain paradise. Volunteering here will put you at the footstep of the Top of the World Mt. Everest and also make it possible for you to do other adventure activities like Jungle Safaris, White Water rafting, Trekking and much more.

Below are just a few reasons why Nepal is considered one of the best places to volunteer in the world:

  • Mt. Everest - The roof of the world rests majestically a short distance from Kathmandu
    Nepal claims 8 of the worlds 10 highest peaks - Making the nation the worlds undeniable leader for breathtaking scenery and adventure
  • Nepal is considered one of the best white water rafting locations on Earth
  • Nepal is often cited as the number one trekking destination in the world
  • Nepals religious hertiage is unmatched by vitrually any other nation - Boasting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and thus Buddhism, Nepal was also the worlds only Hindu Kingdom before a recent government change. Added to this is Nepals close proximetly to Tibet and the countless Tibetans who take refuge in the stuningly beautiful landscape. All of this comes togther to prove that Nepal is truely unmatched in its unique mixture eastern religion and thought.
  • Nepal is also home to some of the kindest people on earth. Villiagers meet volunteers with welcoming smiles and warm cups of tea. In Nepal there is as saying "Guests are God" and nowhere could one feel more at home.
  • Nepal is just now emerging out of some political termoil, for the first time in its history the nation is a democracy no longer under the control of a King. Now is the moment Nepal needs the worlds help. A stunningly beautiful nation posed on the precipice of truly positive change. There is no nation in the world that compares to Nepals incredible physical and cultural beauity nor is there a nation with a more fervent need for your help.


Why to pay / Where does my money go?

For many it may seem strange to have to pay in order to work for free. However, it is necessary to charge a small amount in order to cover costs of the workplaces, training, food and the families where you live. We are aware of the fact that many volunteers do not have a lot of money and we therefore we work hard to offer our volunteer prorams the lowest price possible. Mamata Volunteers is a Non-Profit program and we therefore only charge for administrative costs. Please refer to our Qualfications & Fee page to see more details or e-mail us.