Working in an Orphanage

Volunteers choosing Mamata’s helping on an Orphanage program will be placed in a local Orphanage often around Kathmandu valley of Nepal where they will assist children in their day to day routines. Volunteers in this program tend to act as the children’s big brother or sister, providing them with attention, love and entertainment. Volunteers’ days will be filled with helping children ready themselves for school ( (dressing them up and cleaning), helping them with their homework, and more often than not playing with the children and overall having a good time with them. As a Mamata volunteer in Nepal you will be expected to encourage, care for and look after the children teaching them basic life skills like health and sanitation. Help orphanage in NepalMany volunteers also choose to instruct the children in fun activities such as crafts, music, dance, football or anything you can think of that would be fun for the children and you for.

Working in an Orphanage in Nepal is truly an amazing experience that is guaranteed to touch you at a fundamental level. Few people have ever signed up for this program an not been positively effected by the experience.To do a month long volunteering in Nepal at an Orphanage home in Kathmandu or nearby area will cost you USD 497 per person, includes stay with a host family, food, sightseeing of a day, placement on volunteering place, airport pick up, 2 night stay at hotel, 2 hour language class and Nepali language phrase book and support during the stay. After the volunteer project you can join some of the tour or treks, rafting, Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal to make your stay more rewarding. The project can be from 3 days to a month or two.Please contact us if you are interested to join.