Teaching English

Nepal volunteer as English or other Language teacher: In this program volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to Nepali children. It is our goal to ensure that the children of Nepal are able to advance their practical written and verbal English language skills. In Nepal, English is becoming more and more of a required skill for job placement, educational advancement and future success. Sadly it is all too common for Schools in Nepal to have a severe lack of funding and resources. Therefore, by choosing to teach in the schools of Nepal volunteers are providing a valuable asset to Nepal’s educational system. Class size can range from 10 to 80 students per class. School runs from Sunday to Friday with Saturday off, students can range from between 4 and 16 years of age. To teach English at a Nepali school volunteers don't need to have formal teaching qualifications, but do need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience. Festivals, exams, holidays and strikes disrupt the teaching schedule at various times throughout the year, and during these times volunteers can choose work on other programs related to education, or go for the trek, tour, Rafting or Chitwan Jungle safari. Some volunteers also consider teaching in an informal setting within the orphanage program where many children need additional assistance with school work.

Teaching English in NepalThe system of teaching is different in Nepal. Volunteers do not need to use the same method; but there will be times when you need to follow the school curriculum - for example - to prepare the students for exams. Volunteers are encouraged to use their own teaching methodologies and share their experiences with western education with fellow Nepali teachers. Volunteers most often stay with a Nepali host family near the school. Volunteers will teach for approximately 2 to 3 hours each day for six days a week (Saturday is the day off). This will vary from school to school and can be fluctuated with the volunteer’s wishes. Many of our volunteers become involved in teaching in youth clubs or women’s groups in an informal setting for 1 to 2 hours a day. The children volunteers work with tend to have a working knowledge of English, even to the point of conversational English in older students. Volunteers for this program are encouraged to work with local teachers to develop new teaching practices and help with them to improve their English as well; this is to enable them to better teach English in the future.

Those interested in teachings other language e.g. Japanese or Dutch have to teach in language institutes in Nepal and that can be arranged.To do a month long volunteering in Nepal at an Orphanage home in Kathmandu or nearby area will cost you USD 497 per person, includes stay with a host family, food, sightseeing of a day, placement on volunteering place, airport pick up, 2 night stay at hotel, 2 hour language class and Nepali language phrase book and support during the stay. After the volunteer project you can join some of the tour or treks, rafting, Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal to make your stay more rewarding. The project can be from 3 days to a month or two.Please contact us if you are interested to join.