Culture Exchange

This program is a fantastic way to get the most out of your trip to Nepal or India if time is short. In the Cultural Exchange program you will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village or within a city for the duration of your stay. You'll learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food and people - an unforgettable experience. You should remember that this is a cultural exchange so you should try and offer some knowledge of your own home culture and customs to your host family. NEpali Culture ExchangeHome stay programs provide the best possible opportunity to pick up the local Napali language. During your stay you can spend extra time touring the local village, visiting local children and exploring the area. You will also have the opportunity to help out at the schools in your community. Home-stay programs can only be arranged for two weeks or one month and are best from August to December, which is the time when most large local festivals take place resulting in an overall more exciting experience. Please note that if you choose a home-stay/cultural exchange you will be placed with your host family as soon as you arrive in Nepal. This is fantastic volunteering program in nepal to understand real life experiences in nepal or India.