At Mamata volunteers - our Volunteers can choose from a wide variety of opportunities to make a difference in Nepal or India. Some options include:

  • Teaching English at a local School or Monastery
  • Working at an orphanage
  • Teaching health education
  • Assisting in local hospitals
  • Working on school and community maintenance projects
  • Home stay and cultural exchange programs
  • General volunteering like tailoring, cooking, or helping small craft business’s
  • Plus more!

Below is a brief description of some of our more popular programs. Please contact us at any time for more information.


  • Working in an Orphanage

    Volunteers choosing Mamata’s helping on an Orphanage program will be placed in a local Orphanage often around Kathmandu valley of Nepal where they will assist children in their day to day routines. Volunteers in this program tend to act as the children’s big brother or sister, providing them with attention, love and entertainment. ...

  • Health Education

    Volunteers who choose to help with Mamata’s Health Education program will be involved teaching in local schools for 1-2 hours per day instructing children in health related issues. This is valued instruction that is very much needed within certain facets of the Nepali community. Volunteers will also be involved in working with youth clubs or ...

  • Community Program

    Volunteers who choose the School and Community Maintenance program will be involved in improving the deteriorating infrastructure in remote villages throughout Nepal. Volunteers work with fellow volunteers and local Nepali people, helping to build schools, repair and paint buildings, and construct sanitation facilities where they currently do not ...

  • Culture Exchange

    This program is a fantastic way to get the most out of your trip to Nepal or India if time is short. In the Cultural Exchange program you will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village or within a city for the duration of your stay. You'll learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food and people - an ...

  • Teaching Buddhist Monk


     You want to teach English to Buddhist monaks in Nepal as volunteer? that is possible with Mamata volunteers
    Nepal is a birth place of Buddha and Buddhism. Though, predominantly a Hindu country, Nepal has a significant Buddhist influence, beautiful monasteries all over Nepal shows the popularity of Buddhism in Nepal. In Kathmandu, ...

  • Agricultural Assistance


    Working on one of Mamata’s agriculture projects in Nepal or India is one of the most unique and rewarding experiences we offer. Volunteers in this program work side by side with local farmers in rice paddies and fields across Nepal experiencing first hand what it is like to be a Nepali villager. Volunteers are encouraged to learn and ...
  • Enviromental Issues


    Today due to the global warming it is important that we make major contribution to our mother earth - make it green and clean. If you have a passion for the environment it is possible to teach environmental awareness in local schools, within the community, or in the many orphanages our volunteers serve. In the past volunteers have formed ...

  • Teaching English

    Nepal volunteer as English or other Language teacher: In this program volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to Nepali children. It is our goal to ensure that the children of Nepal are able to advance their practical written and verbal English language skills. In Nepal, English is becoming more ...