Parents Tour Package

Mother visiting her son during his volunteering placement.While Mamata Volunteers prides itself as one of the safest volunteer organizations available and maintains a 100% safety record with all of its volunteer placements, we understand that some parents may still be concerned about their child volunteering abroad. Although volunteering with Mamata is an extremely safe proposition we have nevertheless created a unique Parents Tour Package to further alleviate any concerns unsure parents may have. With the Parents Tour Package parents of Mamata volunteers travel to Nepal or India with their child to experience their son or daughters placement first hand. You will have the opportunity to explore Kathmandu with your child, visit their placement region, see where they will be sleeping and what they will be eating throughout their stay. This package is provided a special rate only available to the parents of Mamata volunteers and thus is the perfect opportunity for you gain 100% confidence in your child’s decision to volunteer. After you have toured the area and developed a deeper understanding of what your son or daughter will be doing as volunteer in Nepal or India , you are free to stay in the area longer, perhaps touring India, Tibet or Bhutan. All trips can be organized by Mamata at very special rates available ONLY to Mamata Volunteers and their families. Feel free to inquire more about the Parents Tour Package by contacting us at any time!