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  Pepal volunteers parents Page ( by Mamata Volunteers ):
Volunteering abroad can be a scary proposition and we understand that parents are particularly concerned about the safety of their child. We can assure you that Mamata sees our volunteers’ safety as our upmost priority and we take every precaution possible to make sure your child’s experience is as safe as it is enriching. We are always available; either by phone or e-mail to answer any and all questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask. Below you will find some general information regarding volunteering abroad ( Nepal and India of south east Asia) and our organization.

Safety while volunteering in Nepal and India :
Safety is the single most important aspect of any volunteer program we offer. Having a large presence, with many employees in every country we operate allows us to keep in close contact with our volunteers throughout their service. This vital aspect of Mamata Volunteers is a major reason why we are a better choice over many other competitors, who operating out of the USA alone maintain only a few local coordinators in their host countries. Additionally, we only place volunteers in the absolute safest regions available and we constantly monitor the political and social situations of our host countries to insure our volunteers are protected against unexpected change.

Health for volunteers :
Given the vast differences between Western countries and those our volunteers work in it is usually necessary for volunteers to receive immunizations before they leave their home country. Therefore, it is necessary for all of our volunteers to schedule an appointment with their doctor at least 2 months before their planed departure to receive all the necessary immunizations and to ensure the potential volunteer is fit enough for travel.

We also strongly recommend that our volunteers obtain travel health insurance from a trusted provider for the duration of their stay. Health insurance purchased should cover all potential medical problems and emergencies that may occur during your child’s placement. Also, if the volunteer will be staying in a remote village or plans on going on a trek we recommend the policy also include emergency evacuation in the unlikely incident that emergency medical care is needed in one of these remote regions. Travel insurance policies are surprisingly inexpensive and can be easily obtained through the internet. Please contact us for suggestions on trusted companies and help on choosing the correct policy for your child.

Ask us ( Mamata) anything!

We know parents often have a wide array of questions when their child is thinking about volunteering. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, whether through e-mail or over the phone we are always there to help assuage any confusions or concerns.