Meet the Founders


JonathanI was born in the Shenandoah Valley Region of Virginia in the United States. Ever since I was young my true love in life has been travel. As a resultI have traveled extensively throughout the world including a four month stay in both Switzerland and Nepal. In Nepal, the most beautiful and culturally rich country I have ever been to, I had the honor of volunteering in a number of ways. I taught children English at a local Kathmandu school for months, lived with a host family and volunteered in an orphanage, experienced teaching English to Buddhist monks at a monastery, visited rural villages with the aim of cultural exchange and observed in local hospitals. These experiences brought into perfect clarity the vital need for volunteers in many capacities throughout the region. Particularly, I was inspired by the people of Nepal, who are just now emerging out of a few years of political unrest with a renewed vision of change and social uplift. I started Mamata Volunteers because I wanted to be a part of that change. Mamata Volunteers has nothing to do with making money, as a non-profit organization our aim is simply to act as the bridge between those in need and those who want to help. I know first hand the profound impact volunteering can have both on the community and the volunteer. Thus, I have made it my life’s work to connect volunteers with those in need, knowing fully that both parties will be forever enriched by the experience.

Since I have served in nearly all of the volunteer programs Mamata offers I am perfectly placed and always available to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to call, at Mamata we pride our selves on our personalized service and I am always excited to talk to potential volunteers!

Rajan Simkhada

Rajam SimkhadaI was born in Dhading, a small village North West of Kathmandu, Nepal. In 1994 I started my career in tourism, soon thereafter joining a respected trekking company as both a tour guide and trek leader. As a trekking guide I lead countless groups across Nepal, Tibet and India all the while gaining a nearly endless amount of experience with regards to the regions Mamata Volunteers operates in. In 1999 I decided to start my own business called Earthbound Expeditions, an independent trekking and travel agency which I still successfully own and operate in Kathmandu. I have devoted my life to travel tourism in Nepal and have a number of credentials which perfectly situated me to found Mamata Volunteers. I am fluent in English, Hindi, Nepali, and other local dialects. From 2005-2007 I served as an Executive Member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal. I am a founding member of the Dhading Tourism Development Society and the Manamohan Memorial Hospital in Kathmandu. I also serve as an executive member of Porters Progress Nepal and am a core member of the Sustainable Tourism Network. Additionally, I have written articles which have been published both in Nepal and internationally detailing my travel and tourism expertise. With all this said, my true passion throughout life has been giving back to the people of Nepal. I am actively involved in many social work projects throughout the region, including helping homeless children at care houses and building schools in remote regions. I started Mamata Volunteers for one reason, to make a difference in the lives of those people who are in need. My expertise in the region, the people, and the culture is simply nonparallel by any volunteer organization existing today. Through my, and my employees, endless understanding of all the regions Mamata operates in we are able to offer the best, most unique, and most enriching programs possible, providing you with the greatest opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of many people who need your help in Nepal and India of south east Asia.