Host Families

Nepal volunteers: There is certain mystery about this Himalayan region that draws visitors to return time and again, it is simply a magical place

Are You Ready to Volunteer in Nepal or India with Us?

Nepal Volunteers Host FamilyLeaving the comforts of home and volunteering abroad is not for everybody. It can be a very stressful, difficult undertaking for even the most seasoned travelers, psychologically, physically, and financially.

We do not accept everyone who applies to our programs. Our volunteers need to be creative, enthusiastic, dedicated and resourceful self-starters and have to be ready to adopt the situations as it comes.

We simply must be selective due to the nature of our host countries and programs, which – while safe – can be difficult to handle because of the culture shock and free form nature of our volunteering programs.

Host Family

In most of our volunteering programs in Nepal and India, you will be living with a local host family, eat, sleep and play at their home. Though all of our host families are preselected and only then approved by Mamata, the fact remains that this will not only be a family you have never met before, but a family that comes from a cultural background entirely unique from yours, with vastly different practices, attitudes, approaches to life, and language(s).

For example, many of our volunteers are university students, who enjoy a great degree of freedom in their daily lives, able to come and go at all hours of the day and night. In some cases this will be far from the reality in your host family placement.

How you will you react when your host family strongly urges you to be home for the night by 7 pm Monday-Friday, because that is the family’s usual practice (even for their children in their 20’s)? Will you:

  • Adhere to the family’s request.
  • Try to reach some sort of compromise with the family.
  • Disregard the family’s request altogether.
  • Call our Coordinator and tell them to switch your family immediately.

If you are not sure which answer you would choose, then you are not ready to volunteer with us.

Daily Life in the Community

Can you handle?

  • Being approached by a group of beggar children in the streets.
  • Being the only westerner among a village of 1,000 people in a rural area of Nepal or India.
  • Taking an hour bus ride to reach the nearest Internet café. (If you are volunteering in a remote village)
  • Sightseeing on the weekends, and having the bus passenger seated next to you ask intimate questions about your job, salary, romantic life, and family?
  • Being homesick. Living away from your family and friends for weeks, even months at time?
  • To most, it is these aspects enrich the volunteer experience, but for others the realities of volunteering abroad may simply be to much. All potential volunteers should consider what being a volunteer abroad means and ask themselves honestly if such a course is right for them. Please contact us to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.