Past Events

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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day organised by CODEC-UK London, 21st June. ┬áCODEC-UK organised International Yoga Day in aroma Lounge, 96 Llanover Road, Wembley. On the occasion Councillor James Ali had highlighted the importance of Yoga and said that the first international Yoga day was declared by the UN after the initiation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi […]

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Energistically maintain magnetic niches after fully tested communities

Conveniently orchestrate distinctive potentialities for 24/7 paradigms. Collaboratively productize leveraged meta-services whereas B2C portals. Appropriately incentivize superior alignments and intermandated platforms. Dramatically develop cross-platform niche markets through superior resources. Objectively harness empowered supply chains rather than technically sound meta-services. Energistically maintain magnetic niches after fully tested communities. Efficiently benchmark enterprise-wide web services via bleeding-edge mindshare. […]

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